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Should Cost Calculation Software for Metal Processing

100% Digital  Flexible  Auto-Scaling  Realtime


Fact based should cost calculation
and data warehousing


For designers, buyers
and manufacturers

Maximize your profits 


Safe, fast and easy to use

Cloud based SaaS

Top notch reporting and graphs

Spot-on cost level –
easy and fast

Tired with endless excel spread sheets? Don’t know what’s your latest version? Time consuming comparisons?

DYP Business Cloud provides you with spot-on should cost analysis easy and fast. All the data is stored safe and secure on cloud and can be accessed anytime and anywhere real time. Key reports and comparisons are provided instantly and are always up-to date.

End to end cost management

DYP Business Cloud enables end to end cost management and provides the means for true utilization of cost optimized global supply base. Understand the cost drivers, whether they are in raw material, processes, logistics or duties and taxes, and use the facts to allocate your business to correct sources.

Dashboard with top notch reports and graphs

DYP Business Cloud makes various real time analysis automatically on item and category level, including spend, cost drivers and savings potential. Key reports and graphs are available on the DBC dashboard, real time

“DYP Business Cloud has an easy and a very clear user interface. It gives me all the facts I need to know of the whole cost structure of my product.”


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Frequently Asked Questions

Find below answers to FAQ

How To Get Started With it?

Pick a plan that suits for your needs and contact DBC sales at sales(at) Once you have paid your license fee, specified users will receive login details by email.

How to use DBC?

Usage of DYP Business Cloud is very easy and its interface is very user friendly. There are in-built instructions in the fields. You will also receive user instructions together with the login details.

Who can I contact if I have technical issues with DBC?

It is highly unlikely to encounter technical issues with DBC. If such an unexpected event occurs, please contact support(at)

Is it safe to use DYP Business Cloud?

Yes. We are very happy to provide more details when presenting the application.

What if I forget my login details?

Contact support(at) to receive new login details. 

What if you would like to have an additional feature on DBC?

We appreciate all customer input for developing our platform further. Follow-up us on our web-site and LinkedIn to get information of our new features. In case of an individual request, contact sales(at) and we will see how your request can be taken into account.

Still have questions?
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