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About Vesa

Hands-on Consultant and Interim Manager

Founder and Managing Director at DYP International Oy. Main focus in Business Development, Sourcing and Supply Chain Development.

Why Work With Me?

I have helped my clients penetrating into new markets and growing their sales, improving their strategies and reducing their costs as well in being a part of their design program. I have provided double digit savings, even up to 60% in 3 years. I have boosted customers’ strategy and new customer acquisition resulting with grown sales in EMEA and the Americas.

Solution-oriented is a word that describes me the best. I am ready to work to achieve what has been agreed. I also take care of the practical work, and I am committed to ensuring that the goals set are achieved.

My experience working in different operating environments in different cultures has made me even more capable of working as part of a team, as a team player, team builder and team leader. Creating a strategy and implementing it are my strengths. I am also very familiar with the cost calculations of different materials and working methods.

I have over 20 years of broad experience in demanding roles in sourcing and supply chains in the telecommunications industry, so my communication, negotiation, leadership and coaching skills have developed with my experience.


  • Established worldwide Sourcing organizations
  • Managed and coached global, multi-cultural teams of Sourcing Directors and Managers
  • Created and implemented Corporate sourcing strategies, purchasing policies and procedures worldwide
  • Developed and implemented tools and methods to reduce overall spend and cost base, efficient KPIs and monitored performance
  • Been involved in mergers / acquisitions and supply base consolidation
  • Been involved in significant cost reduction throughout the career
  • Created and changed contracts to be in line with company’s business needs
  • Negotiated various different contracts, driven contract implementation and coached team members to understand and negotiate contracts
  • Suggested mechanical design changes and alternative components to improve manufacturability and cost of the existing systems
  • Lead the Technology Solution Team, set and implemented strategy in the power area at Nokia
  • Developed a fact based cost calculation tool

Me and My Hometown Lappeenranta

I was asked to talk about my hometown Lappeenranta and why it is such a great place to work and live in.

You are welcome to take a look and get to know me better! 

Development and Launch of a Fact Based Cost Calculation Tool

In the video I explain how the project was implemented in partnership with Business Mill.

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Vesa Eskelinen

Managing Director / DYP International Oy


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