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About Vesa

Business Consultant

Founder and Managing Director at DYP International Oy. Main focus in Business Development, Sourcing and Supply Chain Development.

Why Work With Me?

I have helped my clients penetrating into new markets and growing their sales, improving their strategies and reducing their costs as well in being a part of their design program. I have provided double digit savings, even up to 60% in 3 years. I have boosted customers’ strategy and new customer acquisition resulting with grown sales in EMEA and the Americas.

I am a very solution oriented person. I am always willing to go the extra mile in order to achieve what has been agreed. Hands-on work doesn’t scare me, and I am committed to make sure that targets are being met. I am a cross-cultural team player, builder and leader.

I am strong in strategy creation as well as in implementation. I have excellent cost assessment capabilities and knowledge in high and low cost countries. My communication, negotiation, management and coaching skills are excellent.

I have 18 years experience in Sourcing/Supply Chain within the Telecommunications Industry, with my Sourcing career culminating as the Vice President, Global Sourcing – Power Systems at Eltek.


  • Established worldwide Sourcing organizations
  • Managed and coached global, multi-cultural teams of Sourcing Directors and Managers
  • Created and implemented Corporate sourcing strategies, purchasing policies and procedures worldwide
  • Developed and implemented tools and methods to reduce overall spend and cost base, efficient KPIs and monitored performance
  • Been involved in mergers / acquisitions and supply base consolidation
  • Been involved in significant cost reduction throughout the career
  • Created and changed contracts to be in line with company’s business needs
  • Negotiated various different contracts, driven contract implementation and coached team members to understand and negotiate contracts
  • Suggested mechanical design changes and alternative components to improve manufacturability and cost of the existing systems
  • Lead the Technology Solution Team, set and implemented strategy in the power area at Nokia
  • Developed a fact based cost calculation tool

Me and My Hometown Lappeenranta

I was asked to talk about my hometown Lappeenranta and why it is such a great place to work and live in.

You are welcome to take a look and get to know me better! 

Development and Launch of a Fact Based Cost Calculation Tool

In the video I explain how the project was implemented in partnership with Business Mill.

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Vesa Eskelinen

Managing Director / DYP International Oy


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